Agents of Shield and Finally Rooting for Skye


Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. had a slow start and several of those episodes focused on Skye becoming a part of S.H.I.E.L.D. For some reason her character never resonated with me. On several occasions her character became caught up with not belonging on the team or not belonging in S.H.I.E.L.D. and in a way I agreed. A random girl with a chip on her shoulder and some mad computer skills joins one of the most elite government teams ever created. Do they not recruit people with mad computer skills and clean background checks? They brought into question her loyalty and I for one am not big on second chances.

Basically, there was nothing particularly wrong her besides that her story just kind of bored me.

But then her story got more intriguing. Not only are her origins a mystery, she was recovered by S.H.I.E.L.D. as a baby in a village full of very dead people. I was intrigued but not impressed. In this last episode I became impressed. The relationship between Skye and Ward has been simmering under the surface of this series since episode one. The tight ass and the free spirit. The trainer and the trainee. The unfailingly loyal and the waverer. Or so we thought. Then Ward hooks up with May and all of the sudden the series is no longer moving towards opposites attract but exactly alikes attract (I have a theory that May was playing Ward because she sensed that something was wrong with him). When the plot turned the tables back to Ward and Skye it felt a bit icky, as a viewer. It had only been a handful of episodes and all of these people live and work in the same place. There has to be at least one rule against this. But the feelings between the two characters were believable. Watching them together once the viewer saw that Ward was Hydra made the pit in my stomach turn over, which was the whole point, but the question becomes what does Skye do? Does Ward convince her to turn to the side of Hydra to be together? Does she rollover and cooperate with the things he wants her to do. Not much about her character up until this point has told us which way she will turn, with the right pitch could she be convinced?

Hell no, because instead she will stand up and kick some Hydra ass. I almost literally put a fist in the air when she told Ward that the thought of his feelings for her made her want to throw up. I didn’t because other people could see me, but I wanted too. Because in that moment Skye became the Joss Whedon female hero that I wanted her to be.



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