Podcast Playlist: A History of Bad Ideas

If you’re anything like me, then you spend a fair amount of time perusing for a podcast to keep you entertained as you stare at spreadsheets and crunch numbers. I have a few tried and true podcasts that I listen to every week, but lately I have been working on expanding my podcast playlist. That includes listening to few of the podcasts that are connected through the Musings of a Geek network. One in particular is special because it is hosted by a few friends of mine, Jeff and Jason. Their podcast is called the History of Bad Ideas Podcast and is available on itunes, stitcher, and through the Musings of Geek website.

Jeff and Jason have a great rapport as longtime friends that just talk about their love of comic books, movies, television, and all other things traditionally known as geek (which is actually taking over the world at this point). This past week I visited the Bob studios aka the home of History of Bad Ideas and talked to them about my book, Escaping Tiger Island. Of course I stuck around to throw in my two cents about The Flash and GOTG trailers, to draft an Alpha Flight team, to guess the plot of Goodbye Pork Pie, and to talk about our top 5 fictional kickass women. My list in case you were wondering is:

5. Scarlet Ohara (Gone with the Wind)
4. Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games)
3. Hermoine Granger (Harry Potter)
2. Elizabeth Bennet (Pride and Prejudice)
1. River Song (Doctor Who, TV)

Wondering what everyone else thought, or possibly think the whole list could be Summer Glau characters? Then check out this podcast. Subscribe, find them on twitter, and add them to your podcast playlist!

Who’s on your top 5 fictional kickass women list? let us know below!

Also if you listen this week you can make a drinking game out of the times I say “and whatnot” which in retrospect may have been too many*

Follow me on twitter @AmySeaMammaln Follow the History of Bad Ideas @BadIdeasPodcast

*remember to drink responsibly and to never drink and drive


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