Why The Doctor Is the Best Superhero Ever

I want to preface this by saying that I watch the new Who.  My first Doctor is Christopher Eccelston in 2009 and for this I have no shame.  I’m sure that the original show was amazing but I do not have the time to catch up on 50 years of tv.  So if you read this and think, “that isn’t what happened in the 1970’s!” then I am sorry but I don’t know what happened then because I was -19 in 1970.  With no further ado, the Doctor is the best superhero ever.  Also I am using the Wikipedia definition of Superhero, because let’s be honest, you would too.

1.) A Heartbreaking Origin Story That Could Only Lead to the Creation of a Badass

The Doctor hails from Gallifrey, an advance society that hails from a far away planet.  The time war between the Gallifreyans and the Daleks (the angry vaccuum cleaner looking villians) was destroying the universe and rather than letting that happen the Doctor chose to destroy his own people.  As the last of his kind he flys around the universe to atone for the destruction caused in the war.  Spiderman fans, I know it seems odd that I was able to sum up an origin stories without using 5 movies simultaneously, but it can be done.  It’s called a sum up and then we move on.

Pictured: Not the answer

Pictured: Not the answer

2.) Extraordinary Powers or Abilities

This is an easy one.  We’ll get to regeneration in a minute but the tricks a Time Lord has up their sleeve are frankly a little terrifying.  They can erase your memories and in a targeted way.  A companion by the name of Donna Noble traveled with the Doctor in the Fires of Pompeii, was lost to The Library, and eventually went to The Journey’s End.  Donna’s end as a companion comes after she absorbs the knowledge of the Time Lords.  To save her life the Doctor erases any memory he has of their travels by putting his hands to her temples.  A few seconds later, poof, no memory.  In that same episode the Doctor’s regeneration energy creates a clone of himself from his severed hand, like an adorable alien worm.  So let’s skip to the big one, when faced with a fatal injury a Time Lord can regenerate into a new body.  Boom, that’s how we have 12 Doctors (or possibly 13, or 14 depending on your count).  It takes them a day or two to recover from the shock but otherwise they come back fit as a fiddle with all their memories intact but with a new face.  Oh, and if River Song is to be believed if you focus hard enough on a dress size you might just hit it.

Plus it's sparkly like those trendy new vampires...Wait scratch that - not a positive note

Plus it’s sparkly like those trendy new vampires…Wait scratch that – not a positive note

3.) Strong Moral Code

The Doctor chose his name as a reflection of who he wanted to be.  A person that helps other people.  He has moments of moral weakness but he surrounds himself with companions that remind him of where he wanted to go and he corrects.  He states that in 900 years of travel he has never met someone who wasn’t important.  Which is a lot more than can be said for some other superheroes.  How many innocent casualties were there in that Snyder Superman movie?  Roughly a million?

Mission Accomplished?

Mission Accomplished?

4.) A Secret Identity

Now, the identities of several popular superheroes could be argued to be weak.  I don’t want to name names but…

Is it a prerequisite that they be douchy hipster glasses or was the a choice?

Is it a prerequisite that they be douchy hipster glasses or was that a choice?

The Doctor has flown around with a single identity for roughly 1100 years, but he is still hiding his true identity, hence, Doctor Who?

5.) A Base of Operation

You didn’t think I was going to leave out the TARDIS did you?  Time and Relative Dimension in Space is the name of the ship flown by the Doctor.  It travels through both time and space, has a library and a swimming pool, and is capable of healing itself.  Take that batcave!  Last time I checked your only pro was the temperature regulation provided by your underground location.


“Wow there isn’t even any Batshit in here?” – Batman aboard the TARDIS presumably

So there you have it.  The Doctor is the best Superhero.  Ever








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