Podcast Playlist: Pop Culture Happy Hour

This podcast is hosted by NPR’s Linda Holmes.  She is the editor of their Monkey See blog and on a personal not, my favorite NPR writer.  The podcast runs the gamut of pop culture topics.  It’s true magic comes from the differing perspectives gained from the people on the show.  As host, Holmes ties everything together with a general expertise in pop culture.  Also podcast regulars are Stephen Thompson who is a writer with NPR music and Glen Wheldon who writes about books and comic books.  (And who recently wrote Superman: The Unauthorized Biography).  There was one other regular contributor who has since moved on from the show so they use a rotation that often includes Bob Mondello (movie critic), Gene Demby (Editor for Codeswitch), Kat Chow (Writer for Codeswitch).   All of these personalities come together to provide a show that is always fresh and different while feeling like you’re in a room full of friends.

A new episode is posted on NPR and itunes every friday morning and it gets me through the last awful hour of desk prison at the end of my workweek. So give it a try!


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