Tattoos: The Ultimate Symbol of Geek Pride

People have been using tattoos as a form of personal expression for centuries, and if you watched as much Ink Masters as I have you would think you knew a little bit about how tattoos work.  For example, a strong outline is important, you should never put in color too dark or too light, and no one likes doing cover ups.  Alright, the extent of my knowledge from the tattooer side of things stops there, but I do know a bit more about having a geek tattoo.  That’s because I had one without even really realizing it until the world pointed it out.

Inspiration for my tattoo

Inspiration for my tattoo


Apparently not a lot of people get book tattoos, so I had a lot of people point to my back with a laugh and say, “You got a book tattoo?”  Luckily, I care not at all what other people think and I think the written word is the greatest form of entertainment.  I kept my geek tattoo pretty general, people sometimes ask me what books they are and my answer constantly changes.  Sometimes they’re all books by Austen, sometimes they’re Samuel Clemens, sometimes they’re the Harry Potter books, other times they’re none of your damn business so quit pointing at me.  (But that’s only on days when I’m grumpy).


Maybe the next one…

My point is that geeks with an affinity for ink are a special kind of person.  Here are some of the best geek inspired tattoos that the internet has to offer.

Do you have an awesome geek tattoo?  Leave a comment or find me on twitter (@AmySeaMammaln) to show it off!

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