A Bit of a Favor

Here at Culture Babble we have been making podcast friends left and right, but we do have some original podcast friends and they could use our help.  The guys at History of Bad Ideas podcast are currently in second place and in need of your vote to be the Podcast of the Month on Podcastland.com.

Click Here to Vote


I say this is a favor because I am asking you to help out some of my friends, but I wouldn’t post this if I didn’t think Jeff and Jason deserved the recognition.  As some of you know I was a guest on their show about a month ago and the Culture Babble team (Bob and I) are visiting again this coming week.  If you haven’t listened to the show and want to grab a few episodes to listen to before you vote you can search for History of Bad Ideas podcast on itunes, stitcher, through Podcastland.com, or through musingsofageek.com.  If you want to listen to the episode I appeared on then grab #19 where we discussed our top 5 kickass women, drafted our own Alpha Flight team, and much more!



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