Half Price Book Review & Giveaway: Timeline by Michael Crichton

By: Amy Whalen Deger

I have something to confess to you readers.  I had every intention of posting this on Friday of last week like I promised in this introductory post.  I wish I could say that life got in the way or that I won the lottery since then but that didn’t happen.  I lost it.  Not mentally, I didn’t go crazy.  I lost the book I was going to review.  I stuck it in the car for a long car ride I had and I haven’t seen it since.  It took roughly 12 hours from choosing it to believing it to be gone forever.  So, I am sorry about that and I am going to do my best to not let this one leave my nightstand.

So you must be wondering, what is this second book (that is just as good as the first one, probably) you may ask.

Timeline by Michael Crichton

In an Arizona desert, a man wanders in a daze, speaking words that make no sense. Within twenty-four hours he is dead, his body swiftly cremated by his only known associates. Halfway around the world, archaeologists make a shocking discovery at a medieval site. Suddenly they are swept off to the headquarters of a secretive multinational corporation that has developed an astounding technology. Now this group is about to get a chance not to study the past but to enter it. And with history opened up to the present, the dead awakened to the living, these men and women will soon find themselves fighting for their very survival — six hundred years ago.

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