The Culture Babble Podcast: Not the Podcast You Deserve but the Podcast You Need

By Amy Whalen Deger

Here at Culture Babble we strive to tell give you posts that are informational, funny, meaningful, or maybe all of the above.  Sometimes we succeed and I’m sure that sometimes we don’t but either way we do love doing it.  If you’ve been following our blog you know that we have quite a few podcast friends over at the Musings of Geek Podcast Network.  We’ve done some guest appearances with the History of Bad Ideas podcast, and to put it plainly we are hooked.  While we love our writing, and we are definitely going to continue it, we are also going to add a podcast to our repertoire.  We will be joining the Musings of Geek Podcast Network and we look forward to getting to work more closely with all the podcasters that we listen to every week.

The idea is that the podcast will complement our writing by allowing our readers to listen to a more in depth discussion that will highlight our contributors similarities and differences in a way that you can’t get from writing alone.  It is our hope that this will allow you to connect with the things we write and discuss in a more meaningful way.

We are in the process of collecting all of the equipment that we need and we hope to get up and running asap.  So more information will follow but we hope that you will take a few minutes to listen as we indulge ourselves a little further.

Have any questions, comments, or recommendations?  Leave a note below or find me on twitter @CultureBabble!



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