Amy’s Podcast Diary Episode 2: Soccer, Sitcoms, & Stream of Consciousness

On this weeks podcast we talked about two things that I want to expand on in this weeks diary: soccer and sitcoms.  This choice is mostly because alliteration is one of my fun fan favorites.  I’m going to keep the soccer part short because I know that most of you don’t care at all about it post world cup.

This is mostly going to be links and stream of consciousness observations because I have been working too much and I’ve already had to write one of these which seems like a lot.

The essence of what I was trying to get across about soccer is that it is awesome.  So I don’t want to make it too much more complicated than that.  If you are convinced you won’t like soccer I probably won’t change your mind, but try watching it without comparing it to any other sport.  Anyway, my favorite part the US Men’s National Team was/is Tim Howard.  With 16 incredible saves in the US’s eventual loss to Belgium he was a very nearly unstoppable force.  Also the below…

Hot, Inked, AND Cares about Animals

And then also, he’s classy

My advice to you is to pick a team.  Get involved, buy a shirt and then bedazzle it.

On the pocast we teased talking about Parks and Recreation which has been in my top 3 favorite shows for quite some time.  Amy Poehlor is someone I will never stop loving and the cast assembled around her is unique and amazing in all their own ways.  In fact I will list the way I consider those people to be amazing

1. Nick Offerman

Mustache, and Married to Megan Mullaly

2. Aziz Ansari

3. Christ Pratt

Soo…Self Explanatory?

4. Aubrey Plaza

Plaza de Espana – she would think it’s funny that’s why I like her

5. Jim O’Heir

Damnit Jerry!

6. Retta

Follow her on twitter, right now @UnfoRETTAble


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