Bob’s Podcast Diary – Episode III

So, these are called podcast diaries – and what they really end up being are extra articles based on what we talked about on the show. Usually an expansion on something we didn’t get a chance to talk about as much. But this week, I actually want to diary a bit. Talk about the production behind the curtain a little bit. I believe that any kind of delving into the strings of a creation can add endearment. It can also blatantly show the wires and bad seams, but I am a sucker for the “Making Of” documentaries.

I am a very avid podcast listener, I consider myself near the front of the wave of the podcast trend. For the last six years I’ve been listening to between ten and twenty-five weekly and bi-weekly podcasts from fantasy football to creative writing. I rarely get to know the great people that produce that entertainment, but I will tell you that I am most engaged with the shows that let me in, at least a little, on the truth and the real relationships that make the audio so much fun. The three of us have been friends for a long time, and have the added strength of being friends independent of each other. I became close to Matt as he was an upper classman in our fraternity as a presence to look up to, and eventually as peers and great colleagues. Amy and I grew close through shared clubs and as confidants for each other.

I fight with myself to not feel like a copy cat and a moocher with them. It was Amy deciding to write a book (Escaping Tiger Island – ) that got me two years 60,000 words into my own novel. She asked me to be a part of her blog, and then the podcast – and over a month in, we are starting to build a “culture” of our own. We are close to having boy band archetypes. Amy is the front man, I’m the sensitive bad boy, and Matt is Joey Fatone – will fewer smiles – but better dance moves. (If you’ve never seen me and the guys do ‘The Right Stuff’ from New Kids on The Block you are missing out!)

I am so proud this weeks episode of the podcast. If you’ve already listened to it, listen again. We really evoke some powerful discussion. Our back and forth about Batman boarders on tear jerking for the right crowd. Make no mistake, Amy may have 140 characters worth of Bat-puns but she makes no bones about the closeness of her family. We had discussed before the show, whether or not she would tell the internet how she felt about the Christopher Nolan Batman films. I am so glad she did. Especially with having her sister there to comment on the power of their personal relationship to the plot of that film. I think it helps resonate and compliment how I feel about Batman. I love Batman for family reasons. I have always been a huge fan, but have really dove back in after being a parent. To me, the Dark Knight is an anchor by which I can ground how I measure myself.

It may seem like a joke to compare the W.W.J.D. promotional shirts and wrist bands to what I am speaking about, so understand I mean no disrespect – I do believe that I will go a long way in life if I teach my children ‘What Would Batman Do.”  Batman emphasizes:

1.) Physical fitness – you can’t fight crime from the couch

2.) Intelligence – The Worlds Greatest Detective can’t be dumb

3.) Resourcefulness – Batman can weaponize anything, and while weaponizing isn’t necessarily the best thing to pass down, the adaptability to find solutions with few resources is critical to life success.

4.) Preparedness – Why can Batman beat Superman? He’s got a plan. He always has that utility belt stocked with anything he needs. It could be anything from a Kyrptonite ring to Bat – Shark Repellent, but it will serve Batman to fight crime.

5.) Multi-cultural Respect and Education – Bruce Wayne trained by traveling the world and picking up the best aspects of every culture. He did not limit himself to Western education, but instead spent enormous amounts of his training under Eastern influences. He speaks several languages, and we even see that he mentors and establishes Batman-like figure around the world.

6.) Overcoming and Harnessing Fear – Bruce Wayne’s journey began as a child, being frightened by bats – he has become a bat so that he can evoke fear in criminals. He takes the horrors that frighten him and channels his energy into solutions and strength.

These are just some of what Batman means to me. Batman is very much a “Everything I Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten” type of figure as well. Batman and parenting is a strong emotional figure for me and to engage with Amy and Julie on an equally emotional level for this weeks episode was incredible. It demonstrated the depth of our friendship and we will use that as a bar to reach as we continue to podcast!

Thank you all for listening and reading.



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