FoodBabble: A New Project

I recently spent an afternoon slowly shifting through the aisles of Half Priced Books.  This particular Half Priced Books has an aisle for rare, vintage, or signed books.  This is especially exciting for me as I have a fun little habit of stockpiling old books.  In this aisle I found two very large ornately covered books titled The Gourmet Cookbook.  The Gourmet cookbook was printed in 1974 as a compilation of recipes found in Gourmet magazine.  As I flipped through the recipes an interesting thought struck me.  I am a person who loves to cook and experiment with cooking, but obviously without any actual training or even a ton of knowledge of the basics.  I mostly just like putting different flavors together to see what tastes good.  This book offers a list of recipes and techniques larger than anything I’ve seen.  The words I didn”t recognize I found in the index with a page number to find an explanation to what the recipe or technique was.  So I can use this book to learn some of the things I don’t already know and then hopefully experiment with new recipes and ingredients I haven’t tried before.

That leads me to my new and exciting plan.  I am going to flip through this book, all 2,000 pages of it, finding interesting recipes and I am going to document it under FoodBabble.  I am hoping to go beyond the recipe to find out why things are made the way they are made and the history behind them.  This won’t be a standard food blog project in that I likely won’t document the recipes verbatim since they aren’t my recipes to post but if I make significant changes to make them my own then I will post those.  Well that and I’m equally as likely to be unsuccessful as successful in my end product.  This is going to be less about following the instructions and more about experimentation.

If you’re a food lover and appreciator then hopefully you’ll enjoy these posts and the little bit of cultural commentary that goes with them.

Look for these posts to be tagged with FoodBabble!



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