Suicide Squad Trailer Observations

Now that the internet has had about a week to check out the Suicide Squad trailer. I felt like it was time to share a breakdown with fans. I have to say I loved this trailer, and find it to be a superior trailer to Batman v. Superman. While I don’t believe anything could make me surpass my interest in Batman v. Superman, this trailer put these two movies much closer together in my level of anticipation. So without further ado, here is what I got out of the Suicide Squad Comic-Con trailer.

Margot Robbie is going to Rock as Harley Quinn


While it’s just a trailer, and she only speaks a few times – the moments selected for Margot to showcase herself spoke volumes to me. We initially see her doing something like Cirque du Soleil acrobatics in her cell, which is an indication of her skills as a gymnast. She’s something like Dick Grayson Robin in that way of being an agile sidekick. Her line in Joker’s car while Batman tries to breach it, “Hope you got insurance” is a pitch perfect line for an incarnation of Harley Quinn. The motion of pumping and firing her bat as a shotgun and the bubble gum pop near the end of the trailer are even more evidence to me that she will nail this character.

"cocking a baseball bat"

“cocking a baseball bat”

Characters Look Better on Film than in Picture


I remember having some trepidation when that cast photo was released and some of the cast looked like bad cos-play. Fortunately Killer Croc, Slipnot, Enchantress, Captain Boomerang and especially El Diablo look much better actually moving within the texture of the footage.


Characters Explored in Flashback?


This is just speculation, but I think this film with follow an interesting structure. By the looks of the trailer, we see the Suicide Squad locked up, then we see them sent out on a mission, then we see scenes of some of them in a personal life. We see Rick Flagg, Enchantress, and Deadshot in separate scenes with loved ones or in different environments from the group. We also see a couple shots of Harley where she is in Joker’s car and dancing in a club (maybe the Joker’s club?) and one really quick flash of Dr. Harleen Quinzel get laid down on a table by a certain single purple gloved set of hands. I think these scenes will be used as visual clues to what Amanda Waller is holding over the squad’s head in order to get them to act on her missions.

Harley in Joker's car

Harley in Joker’s car

“I Started a Joke”


Playing over the trailer is a haunting re-duex of The BeeGee’s “I Started a Joke” – not only is it haunting and a cheeky reference to The Joker, I am hoping that David Ayer has made it the theme of the film. The song’s chorus ends with “I didn’t see, that the joke was on me.” I see this in three ways it would tie into the film as a parallel running “jokes” in the film. I think that message will apply to Amanda Waller, she started the Suicide Squad, but then they turn on her somehow and foil some nefarious portion of her plot. It may apply to the Suicide Squad, who may be getting double crossed by starting the mission with one objective, all the while the real target is something else. I also think it will apply to Dr. Harleen Quinzel. She indulged the Joker and became infatuated with him. She may have even helped him escape Arkham, but then like a vampire siring a new generation, the Joker turns her into Harley Quinn. I think this is how “the joke” will be on all of these people.


Jai Courtney may be NOT terrible


Having not acted well in anything since Jack Reacher, I think Jai may get to have some fun here. Getting to use his real accent, looks like he might pull off Captain Boomerang. Captain Boomerang is a silly character in the first place, but if Courtney can channel some charisma in that Aussie vocal tone, I could really come around. He looks pretty cool on film and not like a dime store version of Magic Mike like he does in Terminator Genisys.

Jai Courtney could be fun

Jai Courtney could be fun

The Joker’s Role


The casting of controversial. The look in a picture set the internet a flame. But I think after seeing him in context, many of the doubters should be silenced. He is frightening! Based on some cut together shots in the trailer, it seems like his role will largely be to 1.) Be a figure in flashback for important moments in Harley’s transition to being who she is today. 2.) I seems like he breaks into Arkham. There are shots of his goons in eyeball and goat masks shooting up an old looking building with old gurneys and people in hospital gowns. I would wager that due to her fascination with him, Dr. Harleen Quinzel helps him escape, she interacts with him in the outside world but is unwilling to go full crazy, and then he breaks INTO Arkham and I think she drives her to Harley Quinn with some electroshock treatment. I think that last line in the trailer is him talking to her. He may have something to do with present events, but I honestly feel like whatever goes wrong with the initial phase of the big mission has more to do with internal betrayal than the Joker’s interference.


I have to say that I am triple excited for this film and can’t wait to see how these characters are utilized in the future of the DCEU. What do you think of the trailer? Have you picked up other insights that I didn’t detail? Let us know below in the comments!


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